Mist and Shadows, All Will Fade

Last night I stood in the stillness of an early spring evening overlooking Center Hill Lake, a beauty tucked between tree-covered hills in Smithville, TN. The only sounds were the chirps and calls of birds. No motors, no cars, no construction, no voices.

Early this fog-smitten Saturday morning, I trekked downhill on a trail to the water’s edge through the shadowy woods. The song of Pippin Took in The Return of the King played in the background of my mind:

Mist and shadow

Cloud and shade

All will fade

All will fade

I watched gulls and their mirror images fly over the cove shrouded in mist and disappear into the white sheet covering the open lake. Again, the only sounds were those of birds, plus the occasional splash of a lone duck surfacing during his morning swim.

What a wonderful break from the normalcy of life and a literal breath of fresh air, not to mention a fitting environment for a writers’ retreat!

Today I sit in silence with three other ladies, each of us writing in notebooks or on laptops, making occasional trips to the kitchen for tea or to the balcony outside for an inspiring view. What am I working on?

Research for a new series of articles addressing complex women’s issues with biblical truth. Issues like gender equality and women’s rights, identity, beauty, and more. Articles that focus on being redeemed women in a broken world.

My research—not to mention each of our daily experiences—makes the brokenness of this world evident. That’s one reason why taking breaks to experience the extravagance of nature can be so restorative. Gorgeous views and peaceful vistas remind us that the original plan for earth and humankind was perfect. They remind us that the Creator Himself is always present, upholding the world He created.

And they give us hope that all will be redeemed and restored, that one day the mist and shadows, the clouds and the shade, will all fade away. Until the dawning of that new day, we can live as redeemed women in this broken world, embracing the light and truth of who God made us to be.

3 Responses to “ “Mist and Shadows, All Will Fade”

  1. Jonah says:

    Beautiful enlightenment ! Breathtaking and refreshing . Love your work !!

  2. Suzanne Carper says:

    I enjoyed reading this.

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