How Gracefully the Eagle Flies



Photo from stock.xchng

Photo from stock.xchng

Like the night for dawn, through the long hours. Resting from day and its work. Replenishing strength in the Lord.

If you let the darkness do its work of patience, if you put the trial to the test in God’s presence, if you wait on Him, your wings will grow.

You won’t see them, at first. You will clamor for the definition of hope. You will stumble in ways that feel long and wide across the intended path.

But when you get up you will find, you will find this: grace has hemmed you in. Its river is longer, its flow is wider.

Its source is God’s love, flowing unhindered from Christ’s cross.

Wait there.

Your wings will grow, though you won’t notice. The river is wide for a reason. Downstream you will wash ashore and think yourself in the wrong place.

But His grace has carried you right where you need to be.

Rest in that. Trust His everlasting arms. Lean there, in that strength. Only there will you find the strength of character that produces hope, because there you will find Hope Himself.

Only there will your wings grow.

And you will soar with the sun when it rises.

How gracefully the eagle flies.

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