Prayer to the God of Design

Sovereign Lord,

Designer of all—


from the pattern of stars

splayed across the skies

to the detailed shapes of

flower petals


Your purpose is fulfilled—


intentional beauty

nothing wasted

nothing without benefit


nothing that cannot be redeemed


In You I find the hope

for all my failures,

the strength in all my weaknesses


Crafter of hearts,

Creator of souls:


I trust You to fulfill Your



purpose in who I am


nothing wasted

nothing without benefit


nothing unredeemed





2 Responses to “ “Prayer to the God of Design”

  1. Anita says:

    Redemption is one of my favourite words. I'm 37 and have never had a date. Still praying, daring to hope. I love your words that remind me that God is still up to something good, and able to make beautiful the time I think could've been used for something otherwise. Thanks!

  2. Joanne Chantelau says:

    Hi Anita, redemption is one of my favorite words too. Thanks for reading and for your encouraging words. I pray God continues to fill you with new hope and joy in His goodness!

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