Praying for Divine Introductions, Part 1

Quite some time ago, I entered a bookstore café to do some writing and snagged the only empty seat left, one of two armchairs with a small side table between them. The other armchair was occupied by a man who, I noticed, was not wearing a wedding band.


As I settled in, my internal monologue went something like this: There’s no way that guy would happen to be a Christian, but even if he were, what are the odds that he would speak to me?


But I was wrong.


Soon the guy started talking to me, and he did happen to be a Christian, which was obvious based on the content of our conversation. We talked pleasantly for about 45 minutes.


It wasn’t until I returned to my car much later that I remembered my cynical thoughts. The Lord had answered them directly. It was as if He were saying: It’s possible for Me to introduce you to a godly man anywhere. All you need to do is pursue my plan for your life and trust Me to orchestrate it all.


I repented for my negativity and lack of trust. Like many single women I know, it seems, at times, that even the first crucial step toward marriage—meeting a godly, available man—is impossible. But with God, it’s not.


I encourage you today not to judge your future by your circumstances or past experiences, like I did that day. Instead, “Commit your way to the Lord, trust also in Him, and He will do it.” (Psalm 37:5)


Pray for:


  • God to direct all of your life’s activities and ministries
  • Lives of single men and women to intersect at the right time and place as we follow Him
  • God to identify cynical or skeptical attitudes in your heart and to replace them with new hope and fresh faith

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