Prayer for Wholeness and Perspective


How deep is Your love for Your daughters,

both the married and the maidens,

whether mothers or not.

Thank You for creating us to partner with men

in creating life,

to help lighten their burdens and brighten the world

with our feminine spirits.


Thank You for your great mercy

poured over our broken world and flawed lives,

for Your salvation that reaches into our

incredible lost state

and redeems us for Yourself.

For Your Son,

as part of His inheritance.


Today I ask You to encourage our hearts.

Heal the places wounded by men or marriage,

or the lack of both.

Mend the father wounds and mother wounds

that have prevented us from experiencing

the full spiritual blessings of being Your children.


Help each one of us open our hearts to You,

our wholly trustworthy Father

and perfectly loving Bridegroom.

Stir and convict us to completely surrender

our wills and desires

to Your sovereign ways that always lead

to redemptive purpose.

It is a privilege to be Yours,

called to serve and to love

through Your Spirit of grace and hope.

Thank you for Your incredible goodness to us!





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