Expecting God to Take Action

God promises His peace to those who take their burdens to Him. But can we expect Him to act on our behalf?


Yes, we can.


Even when it comes to long-term, unexpected singleness.


I’m looking forward to talking more about the aspects of God’s nature—His sovereignty and redemption—that He uses when acting on our behalf. I’ve spent so much time focusing on our need to process emotions of disappointment and longing, however, because I think it’s a crucial prerequisite to accurately perceiving His nature.


While I don’t assume that every unmarried woman is living in the throes of disappointment, bemoaning her single state, I can’t pretend that there are never moments, or even seasons, of disappointment. When we take these feelings to the Lord as Hannah did, we discover what she did:



Knowing how good His heart is toward us in the midst of disappointment or pain gives us an accurate perspective of God when we consider overwhelming circumstances that seem like they just weren’t meant to be. It gives us reason to expect goodness from Him in the future.


To finish this series on disappointment, I’ve asked another single woman, Rachel Empey, to describe some of her own experiences as my guest. Next time, you’ll hear from her, and I think you’ll be encouraged.


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