This Plot of Heart

Painful the work God does in the heart, yet joyful its end.


That is my simple testimony so far this summer. A couple days ago I wrote a prayer based on Psalm 16, which captures my response to His work and His heart toward me, which are always, always good.


Your love draws lines

around me;

I am fenced in with beauty,

freed up with joy!

My heart is Your spacious place—

there find openness for all

You want to do,

endless fields for sowing,

deepest wells for holding

Living water,

richest soil for nourishing

healthy, life-giving fruit.

This, Your work—

Your planting,

Your vineyard—

this is my inheritance,

my portion, my lot—

the plot of heart You’ve chosen

to inhabit,

Your Garden of Eden

in a dark and dirty city.

Here, here let me dwell

with You,

and rejoice.



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