Spring Poem to God

Oh Savior,

When I look into your face,

all is bright and clear

like a spring morning.

I hear your songs, gentle and sweet;

the more I listen, the more

they crescendo into symphony

and I long to be swept in.


I see your heart, ever blooming and blossoming

with new life,

the flower of forgiveness bubbling

from the wound in your side;

seeds of mercy raining

from the scars in your hands,

carpeting the pathway before more.


How endlessly you love.

How ceaselessly you serve.

How tirelessly you endure

my emotions, doubts, fears!

No love is so gentle

nor all-consuming

as yours.


Oh Savior!

It is the fruit of your mouth

that nourishes my heart.

It is the abundance of your hand

that provides my every need.

It is the river of your heart that




every place of my soul,

that completes my spirit.


It is your eyes I search for in the crowd,

above all others,

longing for them to meet mine.


It is your favor my heart is set upon.

for in it, there is

no disappointment.



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