Last Year

Tonight the sparkling, cold sky and cradle of a moon paint peace over the earth. It’s a beautiful reminder of the Creator’s nature. No matter what unrest, sadness, or burdens the people of earth carry, He always offers peace to those who cast their cares on Him in faith-filled trust.

Tonight, my family continues to think of the day almost a year ago that ripped the stars from our skies and shattered our hearts. We’ve been talking both about that day and the present day: the reality of our sadness, the truth that healing is taking place. Our family’s landscape, and that of our individual lives, is forever changed. So is our view of the heavens as we gaze up at it, wondering what it looks like from the other side.

My sister Dianne gave me permission to share a poem she sent us a few nights ago. Its lines are like stars, some falling and some fallen, leaving blackness in their place, some of them beginning to shine  again.


Anguished heart.

Desperate prayers.





Fifty-nine years.

Days ordained.


Fearing the worst.

Hoping for the best.


Final hours.

Sorrow beginning.


Upward rising.

Downward burial.


Death’s lost sting.

Life’s eternal victory.


Pain mingled with

Hopeful joy.


Spring, then summer.

Wintry heart.


Golden memories,

Golden leaves.


Winter again.

Her abscence felt.


Promise treasured.

Reunion pondered.


Living forever with

The Ever-Living One.



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