A Wintry Day

Today we Tennesseans are getting a taste of real winter. Snow is whispering its descent to earth, gently piling over the dry grass.



The last time I experienced such a wintry day was in February, the week my mother died. Days earlier she had written to me that the freshly fallen snow was so pretty. More lovely snow fell a few days after she died. And now, it’s falling again.

It is still pretty. In Decembers past, I would feel old tugs of nostalgia’s magic as I looked past my Christmas tree at the window to watch it fall.

Though I do not wish to dwell on the happy memories of the unrecoverable past tonight, I do wish to linger on comforting words I heard at the holiday Griefshare class I attended in November. Christmas, one of the speakers said, is for those who are suffering. Because this world is full of sin, pain, death and darkness, Jesus came.

Wintry days bring cold winds and temperatures, but they also bring the unique and special beauty of falling snow. It is the beauty of the unimaginable love and good purposes of God that decorates winter with Christmas.

As I watch the shiny ornaments at my window sparkle in the light of my little tree and warm fireplace, I feel the peace of Jesus, the Light of the world. I feel the strength of His love promising hope and joy for my life, even though the pain of loss will always linger in my heart.



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