so thankful

a poem



so thankful

for You

whose lashes healed me

whose nakedness clothed me

with salvation

whose innocence removed

my guilt


unchanging Rock

midst my tumultuous emotions

Shelter that graces me

with peace and security

the broad path that keeps

my feet from slipping

so thankful

for the family

You gave me

for Dad

whose character is like

diamonds in the coal of night

for sisters

who understand, talk, laugh,


with me

for 37 years with

beautiful Mom

for her parents—

lights, love, warmth

for friends

from all seasons of life

so thankful

for Your abundance,


in forgiveness, provision, direction,

comfort, healing,



so thankful

for You

One Response to “ “so thankful”

  1. danii says:

    Beautifully put, friend. Thankful for the gift God has given you, and the gift OF you.

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