Sunset Over Tampa Bay



The sun set over the bay as the violins
worked themselves into a feverish melody
fire on fire bow on strings sun over water
fire igniting fire music the orange-rose sun
the almost silent tap-tap of water melting
into sand and reed-filled marshes the gentle
ripples covered with countless lines of pink
orange yellow all pale and moving and blending
and perfect. I thought of you immediately (I
always do).



What has happened to the simplicity
of life, of living? A string of motorcycles blasts
down a palm-lined, dusk-filled street previously
quiet in the presence of evening. Just across
that street a cloudy path of color hovers
in the sky over the bay, which stretches like
light toward dark hills on the horizon. One tree
traces erratic dark lines against the sky. I do
not understand why I am always thinking of




One Response to “ “Sunset Over Tampa Bay”

  1. Amy E. Hall says:

    Very cool!

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