spring thirst

my heart awakens like the unfurling

petals and leaves

around me, brightens like pink and white

cherry blossoms splashed

over green leaves and blue sky

yet hunger lingers in my soul,

builds and grows like the neighborhood creek

after these spring storms,

a thirst for the vigor of its waters:

full and flowing,


bursting through

distractions and weariness

to follow after and follow through

to the oasis

of ultimate satisfaction and perfect rest—

the kind of thirst that does not stop until

I find it:

the presence of God

it is, vitally, the meaning of Easter

the gift of the Resurrection:

God’s presence, free and available, unveiled,

full and flowing,

a sparkling river rushing from the heart of Christ

bursting through

the greatest obstacle to it,

regardless of cost:

my sin your sin the world’s sin turning its back on the one who loves us most

oh, the presence of God

his glory merely reflected

in a thousand white cherry blossoms shining

with morning sunlight

his nearness like the fragrance of flowers

carried on the breeze—

gardenia honeysuckle lily of the valley

oh, the presence of God

the invitation of our praise—

our crown, his throne

such a gift at such a cost!

such a treasure to keep buried!

Awake, my soul, and reach for it!

unfold the clouds and shadows, plow through the storms,

open the windows and doors, spare no expense

to find and cherish it

to drink deeply

and to be revived

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