Easter Meditation

This weekend, I’ve been thinking that if I feel anything in light of this great, wild world springing with frothy cherry blossoms and deep green grass, it should be  humility.



I’m humbled that God created such beauty for us, that He thought we were worth it. And that we are worth His love and intervention in our lives. And, mostly, I’m humbled, deeply, in the face of the cross.


The cross is the center of everything, and Jesus was the one on the cross. In the wake of such death and horror was life. That’s why He’s at the center. In His wake is life, resurrection, restoration: spring. Blossoming branches. Hope. Grace. Beauty.


As the world awakens with spring around you, allow its beauty to awaken you to the grandeur of being died for. Of being so passionately loved by the mighty God that He would sacrifice Himself for it. And rejoice that the glory of spring we experience so freely is but a taste of what He’s preparing for us in the life to come.


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