Cup ‘O Morning: Sun on Frost

We didn’t see much of the sun in December, but on one splendid morning walk, I took in the cold air and prisms of sunlight on frosted grass.




Scriptures immediately rushed over me: His mercies are new every morning. The Father of Lights does not change like shifting shadows. He makes all things new.


But the most prominent verse tugging at my spirit was this one: Weeping may endure for a night, but rejoicing comes in the morning.


Rejoicing, the kind that comes when sunlight breaks through a dreary month-long cloud cover. The kind that comes with the relief of healing. The kind that rushes like a river of long-awaited fulfillment, or that quietly fills a comforted soul.


Whatever weather dawns this New Year’s morning, I pray you will know the joy of our merciful, changeless God that comes with it.


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