Today is my wedding day, and my father will read this poem during my ceremony.



photo by Aimee Siegel

                          photo by Aimee Siegel

Today is like the new wine

flowing from the hands of Christ

at the late hour

during the wedding of Cana

It is like the first blooms of spring

and the brilliance of sunrise

after the sunset

before a long winter:

Today is a tree of life.

Today is the wonder of divine redemption

after the death of dreams,

like Isaac’s ram on the mountain

It is like a feast at harvest,

the evidence of seeds unseen

cultivated by Sovereign hands:

Today is a promise received.

Today is a reflection of God

who is faithful in covenant love,

whose favor reaches unto the least

who never goes back on His word

Today is a new day of promise:

God is always doing new things.


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