Three Times a Bridesmaid

You know the rest. Never a bride.




This weekend I “starred” as a bridesmaid for the fifth time. This wedding happened to be my sister’s, so it was extra special.


I enjoy being a bridesmaid. It’s an honor to stand up with someone on her day to be queen. It’s fun to wear the fancy dress, get your hair done and carry flowers. I’m all about it.


But deep within I’d like to have my turn as the bride.


Thank God, I did not grow up believing in superstition, that silly things like the number of times one is a bridesmaid prevents one from becoming a bride.


Yet, these phrases can stick in our minds, can make us stop and wonder. Am I destined to be the perpetual bridesmaid? Have I been marked for less?


This weekend was a reminder for me to be careful of thoughts like these. The only one marking us for less than, is the devil. Jesus said the devil’s goal is to steal, kill and destroy.


So discouraging thoughts that steal faith, hope and joy are from him. Not from Jesus, who came to bring abundant life. And I’m not about to agree with the devil. The only thoughts I want to believe are the ones that line up with God’s.


If you’re feeling discouraged about singleness, or anything else today, take a quick inventory of your thoughts. Whose do they line up with, the devil’s or God’s?



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