Clouds Without Rain

The grass is dry as hay, the flowers wilting in record-breaking heat. Where I live, we haven’t had rain in at least a month.




That’s why my friend was so disappointed when she told me about the dark clouds and lightning that failed to produce rain one day last week while I was out of town.


But that’s not the only reason she felt disappointed.


The incident, she said, felt like an analogy for her current single season. Just when she thinks the conditions seem right for God to bring a man into her life, nothing happens.


At times, I’ve felt that way myself. Perhaps you have, too.


Now that this relationship is over, surely the right man is about to come along.


Now that I’m in a new town … new church … new ministry, I’m in the perfect place to meet someone.


Now that I’ve turned 30, or 35, or 40, the season for marriage must be right around the corner.


Maybe we get these ideas because of the crazy things people say to us—you know, “As soon as you (fill in the blank), God will bring you a partner.” Maybe they come from our own scripts and timelines for our lives.


Or maybe we look at God the way a meteorologist looks at the weather. We think we can predict His next move by looking at our circumstances.


But circumstance isn’t the instrument that gauges the predictability of God. His Word is. It tells us that His love, provision, power and trustworthiness don’t change, no matter what the weather is doing. He is, and will not fail to be, faithful.


Isaiah 66:9 says, “’Shall I bring to the point of birth and not give delivery?’ says the Lord.” In other words, “Am I a God who doesn’t finish what He starts?”


If we need rain, won’t he bring it? He will. And as my friend Sharon pointed out, He doesn’t need clouds to produce rain.


Whatever weather this season of singleness has brought for you, keep your focus on the truth of God’s Word, and watch for His faithfulness. He won’t let you down.


And one more thing. It poured soon after I finished drafting this blog.



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