Water from the Ancient Well





So much wrapped up in one word: Turquoise and cobalt blue waters sparkling against a green island. Ancient monks and their monasteries. The Book of Kells. Christianity and beauty.


And music.


Last night I got to see the band whose music weaves together the mystery of foreign soil and spiritual history, the resplendence of nature and the heart’s hunger for it all in the present moment.


The timing was perfect, because my spirit was thirsty.


I needed everything they offered. Lead singer Jo’s sweet smile and refreshing-as-a-spring voice. Lyrics expressing the need and longing for spiritual revival and closeness with God. Music capturing the power and reality of another realm breaking into our physical one: ethereal keys and pipes, echoing violin and Irish whistle, prophetic guitars and drum beats.


And faith. Simple and authentic. It flowed out of every note, swirled in the colors of the lights, shone from their eyes.


Faith in the One who created turquoise and cobalt waters. The One worshiped by the monks. The One at the center of the Book of Kells.


And the only One who can fill, as from an ever-flowing ancient well, the reservoirs of soul and spirit.


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