Praying for Renewed Purpose

I recently met a young woman who seemed to be pursuing a college education because she hadn’t yet married. Her main desire in life is to be a wife and mother. But what do you do when that doesn’t materialize when you thought it would?


Recently I’ve heard several older single women question their purpose in life. They have college degrees and jobs, churches and families and friends. Yet, it still seems like there’s something eluding them, a purpose they’ve not yet fulfilled.


In recent days, I myself have dealt with questions about the purpose of my life; as we enter new years, seasons, or semesters, it’s natural to evaluate our lives and ask some big questions. Married people go through this too, but as single women, it’s easy to feel that there are some purposes in life that will not be fulfilled until marriage takes place.


That’s probably true. But marriage is not a prerequisite to fulfilling the  purpose for which God created each of us, even if it is part of His design. Jesus said, “Seek first the kingdom of God, and all these things will be added to you” (Matthew 6:33).


“All these things” are things we need and tend to worry about—food, shelter, clothing, things we were designed to need and desire. Marriage, then, as something we were designed to need and desire, will also be provided as we continue to pursue our ultimate purpose in life: seeking first His kingdom.


That means cultivating intimacy with Jesus so His life shines through in our friendships and encounters with others. It means serving those in need, being available to listen, and praying with others. It means telling people about the forgiveness and new life they can have in Christ.


As we pursue marriage through prayer and God-given strategies, let’s not forget that pursuing the kingdom of God, and God Himself, is our first priority—in everything that He calls us to do.


Pray for:

  • Revelation of God’s purpose in the lives of single women who lack it
  • Recommitment to seeking first God’s kingdom among single men
  • Renewed intentionality and sensitivity to the relationships and needs of others in our lives

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