Prayer for Stepping into a New Season

Oh God, You hold the knowledge

I don’t.

You see far ahead of me,

as You saw before my birth:

You are truly the way, and I cling to You,

my Path.

In Your hands

are my days,

my loves, my tears

and the abundant fruit,

the inheritance

You long for me to receive.


Father, I receive.

I lift my hands now,

empty of my past

and my own wisdom,

my unknowing.

I lift them, relinquishing

doubt, fear and unbelief.


To take hold of You

is to grasp faith, to see

the unseen.

To know the truth

and to walk in it.

So I walk forward, one foot already

touching the water,

and I see You ahead of me.


I trust You wholly to teach me

in the way I should go.





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