Tomorrow: Two Years

Two years.


Two years since I’ve seen her face, heard her voice. Since she sighed the long sigh of death and took up life in a place invisible to those of us on the other side.




How deeply I miss her, my mother. How often I long to pick up the phone and talk to her. After two years, I’m still not able to calculate the magnitude of losing that close relationship with her.


Today, I traveled to the destination of the last trip she took: CEF headquarters in Warrenton, MO. She arrived here just a couple of weeks after hearing that the cancer had spread to her lungs, just a few weeks before we would learn that it had spread to her brain.


In that window of time, she was well enough to make the long trip. And what a God-ordained trip it was, a road of hope and encouragement between two devastating diagnoses. Today I stood in the little prayer room and saw the couch where she sat as precious women of God ministered to her. Mom told me about the prayer time, the conversations, hugs, testimonies and tears. She told me what she had been processing from the Word of God.


Her faith was deepening, her awe of God growing.


Tomorrow, February 16, marks the date she made the final trip to her heavenly home. In memory of her, I’m here visiting and volunteering at a ministry that was so close to her heart. A ministry that reaches children all over the world and touches the lives of families everywhere in between.


For their friendship and care for my family, I am deeply grateful. For their commitment to the kingdom of God, I am proud to support and honor them.



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