Praying for Valentine Hope

Another Valentine’s Day is upon us, a day to eat cinnamon hearts and chocolate truffles,  to celebrate love and sweethearts. For most of my adult life, it’s been a day to celebrate friendship, which is a wonderful thing.


But I had hoped by now it would be a day when I, too, could enjoy romance, to celebrate the mysterious connection and tension of male and female, the unique love of husband and wife. To receive flowers, or even a kiss.


Whatever happiness Valentine’s Day may hold for you, if you’re a single woman it is probably also another reminder of a hope deferred. My prayer is that the love of God would shine fresh hope in your heart, hope in Him that never disappoints (see Romans 5:5).


God’s love is the basis of redemption. It is what motivated the Father to send the Son as ransom for our sin. God’s redemptive love fashions purpose and destiny from places of disappointment and loss, and His sovereignty empowers Him to do it.


Pray with me this week for single women to be renewed in God’s love and filled with anticipation of His redemptive work in their lives.


Pray for:

•      Single women to find their identity as beloved daughters of God

•      An outpouring of the Father’s love over those who are discouraged or lonely

•      Fresh hope and anticipation in God’s desire and power to redeem the disappointments and losses of singleness with His goodness

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