Praying for the Good Thing

This week, we’ll begin by praying around the truths found in Proverbs 18:22: “He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the Lord.”


If this verse is God’s view of marriage, then we need its truth to be revealed to Christian men (and women). I heard a story about a single man in his mid-thirties who didn’t appear to have marriage on his mind. His small group leader challenged him to pray about it. He did. And he prayed specifically about the single women at his church. Turns out, there was one who caught his eye. And last year, he married her.


I’m not sure why this man wasn’t pursuing marriage. All he needed, however, was a chat with a godly friend and mentor. My heart and prayers are not at all about bashing or looking down on men. In this divorce-filled society that devalues marriage and men while upholding the strong-willed, self-sufficient woman, it must be easy for men to forget that wives are actually good gifts from God who bring favor into their lives.


This week, let’s pray for that truth to be restored in their hearts and minds.


Pray for:

•      Men to pray for and seek wives

•      A godly view of marriage, its responsibilities, its selflessness, its partnership, and its favor to be restored to the Church and to our generation

•      Leaders to encourage and challenge Christian men in this area

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