Praying According to God’s Will

Is it God’s will for us to get married?


Generally speaking, yes. Take yourself back to the book of Genesis, where we get to watch the creation of the world unfold like a play on center stage. In the beginning, everything is dark and shapeless. With each scene, the world takes shape: light, stars, sun, dry land, trees.


The story builds with a sense of some grand climax to come; God isn’t just randomly creating things left and right. He’s preparing for something. That something was the creation of Man, set in the center of the garden.


Everything he needed to live and breathe was prepared before he arrived on the scene. Everything was good, according to God.


Except for one thing: It was not good that Man be alone. So God created Woman. I find it interesting that she was created after the man. Woman wasn’t part of the creation prepared for man to rule, dominate and use for living. Woman was created as a partner to help Man carry out his responsibilities, enjoying and living with him in the prepared world.


Marriage is God’s general will for humanity—the rule with some exceptions. The  vast number of women experiencing prolonged singleness in the Church does not sound like an exception to me. If things don’t change, it will become the rule.


So we must pray about the things causing it. We must pray for God’s will to be done on earth as it is in heaven.


Next week I’ll begin a new blog format: Monday morning prayer points followed by one of my own prayers related to singleness later in the week.


As Chris Tomlin reminds us in one of his songs, our God is greater! He is sovereign! And He uses our prayers to bring about the redemptive circumstances He wants to bring.

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  1. Jean says:

    Love Chris Tomlin's song, God is Greater. He truly is!

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