Responding to Sovereignty and Circumstance

Happy New Year, lovely single woman!


I’ve been thinking a lot about you as the year begins, about the circumstance of prolonged singleness and the various responses you and I have to it.


As I’ve been researching and writing about this topic over the last year, I’ve had a variety of responses to it myself. But the overwhelming question in my heart has been, What can I do about it?


One idea is to pursue marriage. There’s nothing wrong with doing that in a godly way, as the Spirit leads. But one thing I believe. I can “work on” myself as a woman so I can be a godly wife. I can put myself in situations where I might be able to meet Christian men. I can have a positive, open spirit to the men I encounter.


But at the end of the day, I can’t make a man pursue me, or you. Before Christian women can get married, Christian men have to pursue marriage.


So, what can I do that will bring about change? Here’s what I’ve been doing, and will continue to do: Pray.


Pray for redemption. Redemptive marriages. Pray according to the Scripture, for  redeemed men and women seeking first the kingdom of God, so that everything else He knows we need will be fully provided.


This month I’ll be changing the focus of my blog to encouraging and equipping us to respond to God’s redemptive sovereignty. What can you pray into the collective circumstance of our generation? Do you have faith that God will respond to you?

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