What I Love Most About Christmas

No, it’s not the cookies, presents or parties. It’s not favorite holiday traditions, music or movies.


But it is everywhere.


It is the increased opportunity to hear God speak.


After all, Christmas is His story. And every year, in the carols and cards, programs and performances all over the country, His story and the Scriptures are proclaimed  publicly. Even NPR makes the story, through Handel’s gorgeous Messiah, freely available for online listening.


But the story of Christmas is not static. Nor is God’s message through it. God’s voice is never lifeless, His Word never stagnant. In every season of life, He has what my church calls a “rhema” word for us: a timely and personal application of His Word in our lives.


Many times, that word comes for me through the Christmas sermon series at my church, which this year has been exceptional. But He always speaks through other special things I attend, whether they are church or community events.


At Christmas, the opportunities to hear from God are plentiful. The question is whether we taking advantage of those opportunities and receiving the gift God wants to give us this year.


Listen for a fresh word of encouragement, strength and hope this week as you celebrate the gift of Jesus, because He has one for you.


Merry Christmas!



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  1. David's Harp and Pen says:

    Right on as always, dear one!

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