The Season of “In Between”

This summer has been one long and challenging transition for me. So much has changed in my life over the past 18 months, and I’m still adjusting.


It may take me a while longer.


God is doing good things in my life, to be sure. But sometimes those good things are the result of hard things. I’m feeling a bit glad that the main months of summer have passed, hoping that my internal world will soon begin afresh like that first fallish morning with a hint of frost in the air. For that reason, I’m so glad it’s September.


Yet, I’m reminded that September is itself a transitional month, and as my mom once wrote in a poem, it’s not quite summer, not yet fall, but sort of in between. I feel like I’ve been “in between” for a really long time, and I feel tired.


But my dear mom, who I’ve been thinking about a whole lot lately, also reminds me in her poem that no matter what season it is, what transition isn’t yet complete, the unchanging presence of God is always promising new things.


I hope you take a minute to read Mom’s poem below and feel His gentle peace for this season of “in between.”


A welcomed rainy day

Dark gray clouds and sky

Leaves turning brown and gold

Learning how to fly


Leaves fall like colored teardrops

Floating to the ground

Landing in streams of water

But never make a sound


Black eyed Susan flowers

With yellow on the face

Showing that our Father’s love

Is always full of grace


September is sort of in between

Not quite summer and not yet fall

Before the cool breezes blow

Yet cattails still stand tall


Creation shows His majesty

And through His death the sting

But in His total forgiveness

He gives us everything


By Sandy Chantelau



One Response to “ “The Season of “In Between””

  1. David's Harp and Pen says:

    How pretty! I didn't know your mom wrote.

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