Sovereignly Supreme: Surrendering the Impossible

What feels impossible in your life right now? Getting a date or finding a husband? How about a job, a friend, a place to live?


Hannah’s impossible circumstance was infertility. Back then, there was no in vitro fertilization. There were no drugs or procedures to make the impossible possible.


Hannah believed that only God’s power could overcome the circumstance that she felt powerless to change. She believed that, against all medical and physical odds, He could make the barren womb conceive.


That’s why she asked for a son, and why she made a vow to give that child back to God as a servant in the temple. There was a cost, however, to making such a promise. She didn’t live near the temple. Hannah would have a son, but she would only be able to visit him once a year on the family’s annual trip, leaving him in the care of the priest.


Hannah’s vow was evidence that worship flowed from a heart that understood who is Lord. As Hannah presented herself to God, she didn’t stop desiring to have a child. Instead, she realized that even this God-given desire, perhaps the one most cherished in her heart at this point in her life, needed to be presented to God as worship.


The extent that we surrender everything in our hearts and lives to God indicates how much we truly trust Him. He is the only one with whom all things are possible, but He works in His own unexpected ways.


What circumstance, unfulfilled desire or impossibility do you need to surrender to God right now?



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