When Non-Dates Abound

Recently, I thought I was going to get to go on a date.


I was very excited.


It might sound pathetic, but it’s true: dates don’t come my way very often, so when someone wanted to set me up and the guy was willing, I began to look forward to it.


But it never happened. Blame it on communication setbacks if you want to. Regardless of the real reason, my date became a non-date. The opportunity passed and is not likely to return.


I was so disappointed.


The non-date became a representation of the cumulative disappointment I felt from all the other nonexistent dates I’d had in recent years. It was a metaphor for what marriage often feels like for me—the dream that happens to everyone else.


It did, however, draw my attention to the gloom that had been gathering in my heart like dust and spider webs in the corner of a dark cellar. It was a place I really didn’t care to go.


But dealing with deep and cumulative disappointment is essential for a healthy heart that remains open to rich relationship with God and others.


My next few blogs will cover the subject of processing disappointment.


What about you: Are you disappointed about being single? How do you handle it?



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