Thinking About Dad

I’ve always been told that I look like my mom. Someone once said I have her smile. It has always been clear to me how I take after her—from my inability to sit still “doing nothing,” to my propensity to “whip up” cookies at a moment’s notice, to my enjoyment of planning and preparing meals for guests.




For over a year now, Dad has been my only parent. And although I’ve always known that I inherited his love of peanut butter (which is a given if you are born a Chantelau), his good teeth and his aptitude for interesting word choices, I’m now more aware than ever before how much I take after him.


Like vitamins, for example. Dad was always the one recommending vitamins for this or that health issue, having us take tissue salts for this or that ailment, and trying to sprinkle wheat germ on our ice cream.


When he was here a few weeks ago, I found myself opening my cabinets, unscrewing lids from a variety of vitamin bottles and creating a custom combination for him to take with our freshly made fruit smoothies (because of him I always add flax).


Dad is also passionate about things he believes in. He loves and studies the Word of God and is able to teach lessons from it from time to time. And he’s been known to write a poem or two (although his are funny). In these ways, as well as others, I’m proud to be like my dad.


Thank you, Dad, for all you’ve done for me and given me over the years. Thank you for all you’ve been to me especially since Mom went to heaven. Only you could have handled life, loss, family and faith with such wisdom and fortitude. We couldn’t have survived without you. You are very much needed, and I love you lots.


Happy Father’s Day from Jo Jo



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