Easter Meditation: The Message of Spring

When daffodils, tulips, irises and cherry blossoms begin to color in the brown landscape left by winter, evidence abounds that seasons of renewal are possible. Many people celebrate Easter as nature’s rebirth through the coming of spring.




But revival, and the hope for it, would not be possible without the redemptive nature of our Creator. New life and resurrection would not be possible without the physical torture, death and resurrection of the Son of God.


This week I’ve been reading studies of Christ’s passion week based on the Greek text of the New Testament. I’m overwhelmed by the contemptuous hatred and scornful reproach imposed upon Jesus by even the cruel, self-serving Roman leaders who found Him innocent. I’m tearful at the description of the scourging He endured—we’re not talking about a few punches and bruises. It was an agonizing and horrific mutilation of the body.


What deep wounding preceded healing—my healing! What savage hostility preceded peace—my peace with God!


What horrible death preceded glorious resurrection. What dark passage of the Christ through winter to bring us spring.


No matter what despair, sadness, sickness or grief you experience today, hope is available in Jesus Christ. Let the earth’s lovely spring awakening remind you of the hope Jesus offers you. I challenge you to meditate on the details of His work this Easter and ask Him to fill you anew with His presence.



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