Give Thanks

Today was a day of trees stretching themselves tall toward the sunshine, of dandelions growing a head taller after a day of storms. It was yellow and blue, light-filled and glistening with hope.


It is spring. And inside, I feel velveteen, verdant like the earth. I am thankful.


The first item on yesterday’s list of things I’m doing during this first week of the rest of my life is give thanks. That’s where I started today.


Interestingly, and certainly not by coincidence, I read Psalm 77 this morning, which is all about remembering God’s great work in your past and declaring it to those around you—thanksgiving. This kind of thanksgiving increases God’s glory, hallows God’s name. It builds faith and defeats discouragement.


So, let me get started doing just that. Here are a few things on my thankful list, which will only grow with each passing day.


Thank you, thank you, Father,

for Your faithfulness in every season of my life.

Thank you for 11 years at a good and reputable company,

for bosses who appreciated and promoted me,

for years of provision and abundance, of endurance and grace.

Thank you for Your strength and wisdom in every change.

For opportunities to travel and to use the gifts you put in me,

and to learn how to do new things.

Thank you for seeds sown in me and through me,

for fruit and friendship.

Thank you most of all, my Father,

for Your favor upon me:

Your smile of acceptance and approval,

Your presence that crowns my life.

Without You I can do nothing.

Thank you, thank you.



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