In Humble Praise at Year’s End

Faithful, ever.

In changing times,



In sorrowful times,

revealing grace

upon grace

upon grace,

lovingkindness that endures




In lonely times,

manifesting love,

deep, great, unwavering,



In restless times,

inviting rest

providing hope for new things,

making ways,

directing steps

ordering days,

proving Your Word

deep, great, faithful, true



In needy times,

in weakened times,

a very present Help

and helping

a strong arm

fortifying and strengthening.


In all times—Potentate—

in time itself—Creator.


All this You are

You accomplish

You prove Yourself

All this

in this grieving space

of time

in this night time

of a year—

You are light

and illuminating.


You are Savior

and saving.


When all other words

fail to explain

or describe

all of You—

this word remains

and suffices:




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