Kisses of Heaven

The first week of September was lovely. I found myself breathing fresh air through open windows, delighting in the brilliance of blue skies sparkling in sunlight. I gloried in the glorious creation of God—something I hadn’t been able to do since my mom left this earth.

I am beginning to enjoy again some of life’s beauty that I never imagined would be past my ability to deeply appreciate. It’s just that now I appreciate it in a different way.

One thing I’ve learned this year through the study and contemplation of heaven is that it is beautiful—more exquisite and shimmery than a September day filled with the final kiss of summer gold. In fact, the touches of beauty in our days are like kisses of heaven upon the earth. There’s no way that mankind’s dwelling place outshines the splendor and elegance of God’s.

If God went to such trouble to make beautiful the place where we would live our temporal lives, how much more beautiful will be the place that Jesus said He is preparing for us to live eternally with Him?

More and more, I am longing for that place and the One who is preparing for me to be there with Him. I long to fill my life here with things that will matter there, sowing seeds of loveliness here that will explode in glory there. I am so grateful that some of the old joy I had in nature is returning. But I am even more thankful that now this joy extends beyond the moment, filling me with the hope of the greater joy that awaits me in my eternal home with Him.



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  1. Dianne says:

    It is such a beautiful time of year…and it reminds me of Mom because I know she loved autumn! It is good to think of her enjoying the splendors of heaven.

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