Life Without Limits

Said Pastor Jordan today: When you don’t fix your eyes on yourself or your circumstances, but rather on Christ and who you are in Him, there are no limits on your life.


I loved that. A life without limits.


What a perfect way to look at 2010. My experiences from last year, my circumstances at the moment, my dreams and disappointments—none have the power to limit my life today. None can steal away the hope that lives in me, which is Christ Himself.


That is, as long as I don’t let them.


As I begin a new year, I’m thankful for the reminder to speak the truth of Christ over my life—the truth that He is good. He is love. He is life. He is resurrection. Not even death could limit His life. Declaring His character in faith is what paves the way for a breakthrough year.


As I praise Him for renewed hope, for a few days of snow, for a warm house in the winter cold; as I know, recognize and acknowledge Him in all my ways, I am confident that He will order my steps this year. I’m not going to miss out on anything He has. And what He has is going to be good.



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