This Thanksgiving season finds me more thankful than I’ve ever been in my life.


More thankful for God’s faithful provision. For my job, my home, and the plenty that I have received.


More thankful for the friends and church family God has given me, and for the family I was privileged to be born into. I thank Him for each relationship and life, from the vitality of the oldest generation to the beautiful face of the youngest child.


I’m thankful for God’s healing work in Mom, for His grace to her during a season of illness. For every unconscious breath she breathes through clear lungs. For every day free of headaches and every night without pain. For every day I get to be with her. Thank You, Lord.


This Thanksgiving, more than ever before, I’m thankful for the lessons that difficult circumstances teach us. I’m thankful that God uses them to reveal the depths of His goodness, to refocus our hearts on the things that really matter, to remind us that He is the ultimate source for everything we need and long for.


Today, I thank Him for a new awareness that time and life is short, and that it is precious. I thank Him that He meant for life to be enjoyed. That every minute we’ve been given counts and holds the potential to make life richer, better and more worthwhile for having been appreciated and lived with intentionality.


I thank Him for the reminder that nothing, not even one Thanksgiving dinner together, should ever be taken for granted.


And so, I thank God for today and trust Him for the ability to receive and experience every new day that dawns with thanksgiving.



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