green and blue
a spring-drenched
rushing toward me
the golden-white clouds
bowing ahead


and I run


sidewalk moving
under my feet
breath flowing
in and out
steady sky
coming toward me


evening’s light
glowing like gold
through the clear waters
of a creek
inviting me onward


and then
the pale-lipped
suddenly, and early
in the season—
comes upon me


its fragrance
catching me off guard
and I gulp forward
seeking the scent pockets
in the folds of the erratic wind
its wall of white ruffles
bounce softly
alongside me
for a brief moment


the blue sky
moving toward me
steady, steady


the flowered path
now behind


and half a mile later I realize
my feet have fallen
into the rhythm
of that afternoon’s
violin concertos,
Vivaldi and Corelli
running together in my head


still present in my
and senses


the yellow-flecked
green and blue horizon
coming toward me


and I run



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