In the Wilderness – a Poem

I rain my prayers

on this dry


I trample the dust

with my feet—feet

prepared with peace,

fierce peace

that refuses

to be broken

by the rocks

of drought


I drench

these fallow fields

with desperation

I plough

their difficult depths

with determined trust


I guard the faith


long ago

I hold the light

of changeless

ageless truth

to the soil


And no matter

how long it takes

for the promise

to be fulfilled


I wait actively



steadfast and sure


the parched ground


with unthinkable





4 Responses to “ “In the Wilderness – a Poem”

  1. benward says:

    Thanks for this, Joanne. You do make the words sing (This, coming from a singer :).

  2. Rachel says:

    goosebumps. no words… just goosebumps.

    thanks for sharing.

  3. Paul and Alison says:

    Good Lord this is AMAZING!!! Sent it to a friend who desperately needed to read this.

  4. Timothy says:

    deeply touches me on an intellectual level in a knowing i am steeped in…thanks

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