When I Come Home

When I come home
to my green yard
freckled with dandelions, plentiful
after the weekend’s mow


when I come home
to the smell of fresh spring air,
faint with grass, drifting in through the
window I left open all day


when I come home
to the dappled sunlight, hazy
and light-footed, stepping in through the
blinds across the bedspread


when I come home
with my hot cup from the tea shop
kicking off my new shoes
and sitting cross-legged on the bed


when I see the yellow floral curtains
framing the large old window
when I hear fragments of bird songs, like
twinkling stars, between the stops
and starts of the neighbor’s weed-eater


when I come home
how glad I am
to find You waiting here for me



2 Responses to “ “When I Come Home”

  1. Dianne says:

    There’s no place like home660.0

  2. Paul and Alison says:

    Okay, how did I know your sisters blog but not YOURS??? Joanne this is beautiful. Thank you for creating a place where we can experience your beautiful heart.

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