first frost

good morning to the gloves with the pom-poms
that I haven’t seen since last winter
good morning to the puffs of frosty breath
under the sparkling stars
during my early moonlit walk


good morning to the dance of glittering
light that begins as the sun rises


awaken: cup of strong Irish tea
awaken: birds with pure voices
awaken: summer has passed


good morning to the cold sun
good morning to the overgrown
and uneven blades of grass, green
swords sheathed with the first frost


this is not a day made for the dim office
this is not a day to sit in the dentist’s chair
not even a day to remain under the
feathers of sleep


this is a day for energy and gladness
a day (awaken!) for saying good morning,
good morning, God
good morning to my neighbor: hace frio!
to my mother in another state
to the man walking his dog just before dawn


good morning to this season
for October has made a perfect autumn brew
and I will drink it, I will drink it with deep
thirst and thanksgiving
for October has found itself
at last



One Response to “ “first frost”

  1. Amy E. Hall says:

    YAY! One of your best yet!

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