Not Meant to Be

O beautiful woman, why are you still single?



You’ve asked yourself this question many times (and yes, you are beautiful). Somewhere deep in your heart, you believe marriage is God’s design, that it was somehow meant to be.

Which means that prolonged singleness—the kind that lasts into your thirties and forties—feels like it isn’t meant to be. That’s how I felt for 20-ish years: Not meant to be single. Not desiring to be single. Disappointed, even, to be (still) single.

Not only did I have to figure out what to do with years of stacked up disappointment, I wanted to know what God’s role was in my singleness. Had He planned this, and would He ever perform the miracle it would take for me to get married?

I needed to know, because God is something called sovereign, a word that indicates His supremacy, rule, and power over everything. How do I trust and rejoice in God’s sovereignty if that’s what prevented me from experiencing the fulfillment of a desire He placed within me?

How do you?

For me, the answer came through another one of God’s attributes: something called redemptive. He is the God that turns loss to gain, brings life from death. Turns disappointment to hope.

That’s why we can trust Him for the redemption of singleness.

And I did.

Want to read more? Look for the Fall 2018 release of my book, Not Meant to Be: Trusting God for the Redemption of Singleness.